Los accidentes del verbo

by | Aug 27, 2020

Anytime you communicate with another person, whether you know it or not, you utilize a special cognitive process in your mind, Los Accidentes del Verbo.  These “accidentes” are changes that a verb undergoes through conjugation.


                                      Los Accidentes del Verbo

 Modo: the form of the verb showing the manner in which an action is conceived.

  1. Indicativo: expresses a real fact
  2. Subjunvtivo: expresses conditions contrary to fact; expresses wishes, doubts or what is possible rather than certain
  3. Imperativo: expresses an order for an action
  4. Potencial: the “if” verb that expresses probability

 Tiempo:  the time in which the action of the verb takes place

  1. Presente: action takes place
  2. Pasado: action took place
    • Pretérito:  action took place
    • Imperfecto: action was taking or used to take place
  3. Futuro:  action will take place

*Note:  All tenses are indicative because they express facts.  (the action takes/took/or will take place)


Número:  how many perform the action of the verb

  1. Singular:  action performed by one
  2. Plural: action performed by more than one


Persona:  who performs the action of the verb

  1. Primera:  the speaker/speakers – (yo/nosotros|nosotras)
  2. Segunda:  the person/persons spoken to – (tú/vosotros|vosotras/usted/ustedes)
  3. Tercera:  the person/persons spoken about – (él|ella/ellos|ellas)



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